Innovision - Rajarshi Shahu College of Engineering's annual national level technical symposium

By Team Digit | Published on 13 Feb 2018
Innovision - Rajarshi Shahu College of Engineering's annual national level technical symposium

Innovision consists of more than 35 technical and social events, ranging from robotics to model-making, quizzes to programming competitions, computer gaming to drag and IC engine racing, mathematical modelling to circuit stimulation, concrete cube testing to auto exhibition, and business gaming to paper presentations.

Since 2006, Innovision is a platform provided by students for students, meant to promote the exchange of innovative, social and technical ideas by the active interaction of students from various parts of the country. Helping to enhance their skills and knowledge, a large number of students from all branches of engineering from over 150 colleges across the country will take part in this national event.

Every year around 3000 students participate in Innovision, and this year, the symposium is scheduled from the 17th to the 18th of March, 2011, at the Rajarshi Shahu College of Engineering Tathawade, Pune. Mr. Bobby Kuria Kose, MD Forbes Marshal, will be the chief guest for inauguration.

Every year Innovision focuses on a particular social issue, and this time “Say no to corruption” is the theme, where the youth of the country, a major part of our society, will act as a tool to fight against corruption. Through the national level event the organizers of Innovision offer a platform to young citizens to come up with solutions that attempt to eliminate corruption from our society. In accordance with this theme, special events like movie making, poster presentation, PPT presentation have been arranged so that students can present technical solutions that remove the exploited loopholes from various corrupted systems.

The organizers would like to thank the following faculty and other individuals who have taken the initiative and effort to turn Innovision a grand success:

[RELATED_ARTICLE]Prof. T.J. Sawant (Founder-Secretary, JSPM), Dr. P.P. Vitkar (Executive Director, Tathawade Campus), Dr. M.M. Puri, Prof. S.L. Bhilare, Dr. D.S. Bormane (Principal), Prof. A.S. Devasthali (Vice-Principal), Prof. S.D. Shirbahadurkar (Head Coordinator-Innovision), Dr. N. S. Muzumdar Prof. Mrs. Priyanka Singh, Prof. S.B. Javheri, Prof. Ravi Patki, Prof. B. D. Jadhav, as well as all the Heads of Departments, staff coordinators and student coordinators, along with Kshitija Guntoorkar, Rahul Madke, Prasad Shinde, Aditya Gondane, who have all also put in a lot of effort to make this event a success.

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