Icons of Trust - 2009

By Team Digit | Published on 10 Nov 2009
Icons of Trust - 2009

The T-factor

In this fourth instalment of Digit’s Icons of Trust survey, we’ve listened to some of the lakhs of Digit readers out there, heard their opinions, tabulated everything, and come to conclusions. The results are out, and it’s time to hear what India’s most influential technology community has to say to all the brands out there


The Icons of Trust survey we do is much more than a simple study of market perceptions. Whether it’s a large screen TV for the family, or a business phone for your boss, you — the average Digit reader — are generally well informed, and take the trouble to know about brands, products and technology in general. With the recent shift of Digit readers from consumers to prosumers, your impact on the Indian technology market is a given, which is what makes your opinions more important than anything else.


This survey is of equal interest to readers and brands alike, because as readers, this is a sort of validation or reference to what your peers think and feel, and more importantly, have experienced when buying technology. This is what will help you buy smarter and ensure that money you (or your family and friends) spend, is spent well. For brands, the results have obvious implications – listen to your customers, give them what they need and sell more as a result. It’s all about making sure your voice reaches the ears of those who are making products to sell to you, and we're just playing catalyst here.


This year we covered the hottest selling categories in technology: Cell phones, laptops, HDTVs, PMPs, desktop PCs, digital cameras, PC monitors, external storage and MFDs/printers. The difference from last year's survey is that we combined MFDs and Printers into a single category, and more importantly, included HDTVs. 


How we Trusted


Cell phones / PDAs

Desktop PCs

Digital Cameras


External Storage


Laptops and Netbooks



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