Gaming, Game Design and Development, Gamification, the key driving factors to Atmanirbhar Bharat

By SCGC Desk | Published 02 Jan 2023 15:51 IST
Gaming, Game Design and Development, Gamification, the key driving factors to Atmanirbhar Bharat

Gaming has always been a  fantasy for the student com munity as they would always  love to be engaged in some  form of action or the other. The acad emicians should understand the  same and create opportunities for  them to excel in what they wish to do  in turn contributing towards their  overall development. The advent of  Education 4.0 will fuel the change in  the landscape of education from what  is being offered within the walls of the  institute to the ones that address the  challenges being faced by the society  in innovative ways with the help of  advancements in educational tech nology. However, such a transforma tion is only possible when the learners  gain necessary interest in learning by  actively engaging with the content  and exploring its potential applica tions. The contents available in tradi tional formats like books, videos, etc.  at times may not bring in the kind of  interest among the learner to get  going with doing great things on their  subject of study.

Gamification plays a  vital role in improving the retention of  the concepts being learned through  interaction with the content and its  application environment. Also, the  context aspect added to the gamifica tion platforms gives the overall big  picture to the learner and makes  them understand their progress  towards the overall attainment of the  learning outcomes.  

Gamification of learning content  requires a lot of effort, as there are only limited human resources availa ble to create the same across the  domains. The primary reason for  such a shortage of the gamified con tent is the lack of awareness among  the learners on the importance of  egaming activities. The taboo in see ing egames as a distraction for a long  time has resulted in preventing the  young minds from exploring the  same. eGaming develops better  hand-eye coordination and enhances  the reflex of the mind, enabling them  to gain greater focus on their environ ment. The introduction of collabora tive egaming platforms have enabled  the gamers to solve a challenge as a  team knowing the strengths and  weaknesses of their team members  thus resulting in greater satisfaction of achievement. Allowing the stu dents to be involved in esports and  enabling them to explore the oppor tunities for designing the games for  the future is something that the insti tutes should take seriously in the  days to come. With the advance ments in technologies like Augment ed, Virtual and Mixed Reality, mere  introduction of the same to the stu dents is of no benefit unless we guide  them to create the contents for the  consumption of the world. The intro duction of Metaverse platform has  opened up greater opportunities for  the organizations across the world to  create a better experience for their  customers across the domains like  marketing, ecommerce, education,  healthcare, etc. These virtual experi ence platforms enable the learners to  try and explore the possibilities which  otherwise could not be done in a real world environment. Be it practicing as  a lawyer, doctor, manager, etc. or  being a rock star, player in a soccer  team anything is possible for the  future generation in the platforms like  metaverse. Organizations including  educational institutions are getting  ready for this virtual transformation  as their business lies where their cus tomers are. It’s high time for the edu cational institutes to give the oppor tunity to the learners to be involved in  esports and kindle their interest to  design new games and gamification  platforms for the benefit of people  across various domains. It’s been a  very long time since the creative side  of the learners is seen and challenged  due to the traditional process of edu cation. Let us tap that hidden poten tial of the generation that is game for  anything and make the country a self sustainable one. Jai Hind!!!  

The author of this Article is Dr Raghuveer VR, Dean of Academics, KL University, Vaddeswaram, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh


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