Four surge protectors for your home entertainment system

Digit Expert | Published on 30 Jan 2020
Four surge protectors for your home entertainment system

Because of power fluctuations in India, it is a good idea to invest in a surge-protected power strip for your TV and home entertainment setup. Not only does it protect your gadgets and devices from power fluctuations, but is also compatible with international plug points. If you are one that has a hose of devices like a blu-ray player, gaming console, speakers and more sitting under your TV, then you may want to consider a Surge protected power strip.

Belkin Essential Series 8-Socket Surge Protector Universal Socket with 6.5ft Heavy Duty Cable

The Belkin 8-Socket surge protector has 8 sockets which is more than enough for all the gadgets that sit under your TV. It also has a 2 metre power cord which is long enough to reach a wall socket far from your entertainment setup. It acts as a surge protector preventing damage to the connected equipment during voltage fluctuations. It allows you to connect any electronic equipment with 2 or 3 pin plugs. It also caters to international plug formats and can handle a maximum spike current of 19,000 Amps.

Live Tech PS06 with 6 USB 3 Universal Sockets 3.4 A Smart Spike Power Strip Auto-ID USB with Extension Cord with USB Port and Surge Protector Ports with Indicator,2 Meter Cable Length 

The Live Tech Universal socket has three outlets for international sockets. It has a rated power of 2500 W with 110 V-250 V surge protector. Since most devices connect via USB, it has 6 USB ports to charge devices under your TV. Users can also connect their Fire TV stick to this saving one USB port on the TV. This spike strip comes with the CE and ROHS certification. The model comes with a push button to supply or stop the power so you no longer need to switch off the wall power supply. 

Impro Green Colour 11 Socket + 2 USB Ports Tower Socket Spike Buster 

If it is a stylish surge protector that you are looking for, then the Impro Green Colour 11 Socket + 2 USB Ports Tower Socket Spike Buster is the one for you. It has a tower design, enabling you to save space on your entertainment setup. It is made using advanced eco-friendly materials, is moist-proof and thermo stable. It has a stable base, large space between sockets and USB ports for convenient charging of devices. It has 1 switch and 1 LED indicator for each layer.

Anchor 22660 Spike Guard

If a simple surge protector is what you are looking for, then you can check out the Anchor 22660. The Spikeguard comes with 10A at 250V. It has 4 ports supporting all international power ports. It has an elegant white design. It also boasts of auto resettable overload protection which will keep all your devices and gadgets safe during power fluctuations. 

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