Best Thermal Compound or Thermal Grease (TIM)

Team Digit | Published on 10 Oct 2019
Best Thermal Compound or Thermal Grease (TIM)

Thermal Compound is used for promoting better heat conduction between two surfaces. It is commonly used between a microprocessor and a heatsink. Usually, the microprocessor’s top surface is not perfectly flat. Often it is seen that there are air gaps between a microprocessor and a heatsink. This air gap can affect the cooling performance of the heatsink. Thermal Compound is used for filling these air gaps. It is applied to the top of the microprocessor and the base of the heatsink. Thermal compounds come with two types: non-conductive and conductive. Hard gamers must try thermal compounds. Here are the few options available on Amazon India that you must consider.

Corsair TM30 Performance Thermal Paste (Silver)

Corsair TM30 is a premium zinc oxide-based thermal compound. That means it is non-conductive, non-toxic, and safe to use. This 3gm paste can be used effectively to improve heat transfer. It also helps to lower the temperature of the microprocessor. It can be applied to your CPU and GPU to fill the microscopic abrasions and channels for peak thermal transfer. After the application, Corsair TM30’s high-stability liquid paste lasts for years with no drying, cracking or change inconsistency.Click here to buy.

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound 3.5G

It is a conductive thermal paste that contains thermally enhanced ceramic particles. It comes with 3 unique shapes and sizes of pure silver particles. Along with electrical conductivity, this particular also ensures the best physical contact between the heatsink and CPU core. Keeping the conductive nature in mind, you must apply it very carefully. If it is applied to the microprocessor’s pins or other such electrical pathways on the circuit board, then it can cause electrical shorts. Click here to buy.

Noctua NT-H1 Thermal Compound

Noctua NT-H1 is a very good thermal compound that can be used effectively for optimal thermal performance. Usually, it won’t separate, run, migrate or bleed and it provides long-term stability. Noctua NT-H1 is a hybrid compound of different micro-particles. It also allows for minimum thermal resistance. Its application is very simple. This 1.4ml paste can be used for at least 15 applications. Click here to buy.

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Thermal Grease Paste - 1.0 Gram

If your device is having heating issues then this is the perfect solution to it. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is a very effective thermal paste. If you are a hard gamer, then you must apply it to your device. It can reduce the temperature significantly. It can be helpful in the cancellation of noise also. It is a 1.0-gram paste but can be applied for several times. Click here to buy.

Cooler Master Gel Thermal Paste

Cooler Master Gel is an excellent thermal paste that can drop the temperature of your device very effectively. This particular product comes with a free scraper and an alcohol-based cleaner that will help you to clean the CPU and cooler base without damaging parts. It offers high electrical conductivity. So, it should be applied very carefully. This 1.5ml thermal paste can be applied very easily and it is not that hard to remove too. Click here to buy.

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