Best Tech Podcasts to listen to

Best Tech Podcasts to listen to
  • Keep up with the tech world with some of the best podcasts on the subject

  • These include Lew Later, Waveform, The Test Drivers and more

In 2020, Earth completed its revolutions around its axis milliseconds quicker than average, so time is literally flying by faster. A day in the tech-world feels like a whole week with so many products launches, startup events, and rumours flying every day. The best way to keep up with all tech news is to listen to podcasts while driving to work (well not right now) or doing your chores. Here are some of the best tech podcasts I listen to keep up:

Lew Later

Lew Later Podcast

This is one of the most entertaining tech podcasts hosted by Lewis Hilsenteger aka mega YouTuber, UnboxTherapy. He is often accompanied by Willy Du and his pet dog, Otis. Lew’s talk show covers everything from the biggest news and rumours about new products to internet culture and the most obscure gadgets. His energy unique perspective on tech makes the podcast highly engaging.  You can view each episode in short clips or as an hour-long video on the respective YouTube channels or listen to it on the major podcast stations.

Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast

Waveform MKBDH

The Waveform Podcast is definitely one of the best-produced podcasts around. After all, it’s hosted by Marques Brownlee, better known as MKBHD, and his colleague Andrew Manganelli. Marques is one of the most highly reputed tech reviewers, and he gives insights into the tech industry, his journey as a YouTuber, and now a Podcast host. He is also an avid photographer and a big advocate for Tesla, so expect some of both in each episode of the podcast. Many episodes of this podcast are interviews with Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Mark Gurman, Kevin O’ Leary and many more. You can expect an episode in your inbox once every two weeks on any major podcast station like Apple or Spotify.

The Stalman Podcast

Stalman Podcast

A show for “for full-stack creators who take photos, make videos, and love tech” is how Tyler Stalman, the host, describes his podcast. His interview styled show means that he is accompanied by a guest in almost every episode with whom he discusses their workflow and anecdotes from their time as amateurs. Each episode is quite engaging where he provides some tips for other budding content creators and most of his discussions revolve around photography and videography. Tyler also interviews major tech YouTubers and covers the biggest news in the tech industry. Being a professional filmmaker, his reviews of tech products are usually unique. You can catch the Stalman Podcast anywhere and everywhere you listen to your podcasts and also on YouTube.

The Test Drivers

The Test Drivers

Hosted by Myke Hurley and YouTuber Austin Evans, the Test Drivers is a relatively new show. Austin and Myke spend most of their time talking about the next (present) generation of gaming consoles and foldable phones for reference, almost every episode of this podcast involves Austin professing his love for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G. But really, this podcast is hilarious with the hosts sharing anecdotes and talking about all tech: old and new, dust collecting or cutting edge. Be sure to hear it out on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other podcast stations.

TechCrunch: Daily Crunch

The Daily Crunch

This is the perfect podcast to keep in touch with all the news happening in the tech world. TechCrunch: Daily Crunch Podcast’s short format means that every episode is no longer than 4 minutes. It covers all the biggest news and rumours from the tech world with the host reading out headlines from the TechCrunch website. As the name suggests is brought to you daily on your favourite podcast app.

A few shout-outs to some cool non-tech podcasts put there:

Podcasts for die-hard football fans: Extra Time by Football Daily & Ornstein and Chapman Podcast by The Athletic

A Chat show style podcast for creative inspiration: That Creative Life by Sara Dietschy

A Podcast to bring you a laugh, daily: Netflix is a Joke

A Podcast for the biggest Bollywood geeks: Picture ke Peeche by Rajeev Masand

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