5 last-minute things to do before your long flight

Brand Story | Published on 02 Jan 2020
5 last-minute things to do before your long flight

One thing that we have all experienced after a long flight is the feeling of tiredness that seems to engulf you from the moment you step out of the place. But is that really the best way to start a vacation, or attend an important business conference?

With these tips, you can avoid the dehydration, body ache and disorientation you didn't think would be an issue after a long domestic flight- so you can start your trip at 100% productivity. 

Want to start your trip without any hassles? Pre-book your cab

Avoid the stresses associated when booking a cab in a new destination by booking it well in advance. Trying to book one after you land means that you will be jostling with hundreds of other passengers trying to do the same. Not only that, but you might even have some trouble communicating in a new language. Add about half an hour to the time you land to allow for a quick visit to the washroom and luggage retrieval, and pre-book or schedule a cab using your prefered cab service provider. You may even save money this way by skipping price surges. 

Want to land feeling refreshed? Carry a neck pillow

The only thing worse than not getting enough sleep is not getting good sleep. Airplane seats aren't exactly luxurious, and many airlines today don't even have pillows or blankets to hand out. But if you carry a neck pillow and a sleep mask, you can melt into a deep slumber, even if you are in the dreaded middle seat. Just try different pillow positions till you find the one that works for you - some prefer to keep the gap at the back rather than the front, while some find comfort in resting their head sideways. 

Want to keep yourself entertained? Download movies/apps

Why not use your time in the air to truly disconnect from follow-ups and notifications and just catch up on your favourite movies and TV shows? While you wait at the airport, download a few movies/games that you can watch/play during your flight. According to OpenSignal’s most recent Mobile Network Experience report, Airtel offered the fastest download speed experience in India with a score of 9.6 Mbps. (Analysis in Opensignal Insight link, published in October 2019. © 2019 Opensignal Limited). So, you could download multiple movies, or even entire seasons of TV shows to keep you entertained.

Want to land feeling energised but not bloated? Pack snacks

Airplane food tastes bland because it has to cater to a number of dietary limitations (from vegetarians to lactose-intolerant travellers to young children). It also tastes a little weird because our taste buds actually get a bit dull at that altitude. As a result, you end up binge eating when you land, thereby feeling hungry or dissatisfied. The food items that help you feel fresh after a long flight are fruits, almonds and unsalted nuts. Avoid deep-fried, fatty foods like burgers and gassy foods like onions and baked beans that can cause indigestion and acid reflux. Also, carry a bottle of water and sip on it regularly to avoid hunger pangs. 

Want to avoid that dreaded ear-popping pain? Do this

If you are one of those unlucky people who experience barotrauma or 'airplane ear', this one's for you. First, try to avoid falling asleep during taking-off and landing. Second, try some self-care - yawning, swallowing, chewing and doing the Valsalva manoeuvre- blowing air from your nose while keeping your nostrils and mouth closed. But most importantly, make sure to carry a pair of earplugs to avoid ear pain. Also, keep in mind that in-ear earphones lead to wax build-up, so over-ear headphones can help avoid ear-pain while you enjoy your favourite movies and TV shows.

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