PlayStation DualSense Edge controller review: Three steps forward, One step back

PlayStation DualSense Edge controller review: Three steps forward, One step back

If there’s one thing that PlayStation owners have a love/hate relationship with, it’s the company’s console controllers. No doubt, Sony has produced some of the most revolutionary controllers in the industry; from the ergonomics of the OG PS1 controller, introducing rumble in the PS2, adding gyroscopes and the like to the PS3 set, to the touchpad on the DualShock 4 but they squandered their lead and let Microsoft take over with the Xbox 360, Xbox One and Series X/S series of controllers. These controllers wear easily compatible with Windows and gave PC gamers a reason to actually pick them up. The company even released its own series of Elite controllers (review) that were a step up in every conceivable way. Well, it looks like it’s Sony’s turn as the Japanese giant has finally released its very own version of the Elite controller called the DualSense Edge. 

The PlayStation DualSense Edge controller is essentially Sony’s answer to Microsoft’s Elite series of devices and comes with its own bells and whistles. So, is it really worth the hefty ₹18,990 price tag? Read on to find out. 

PlayStation Edge controller: Design

First things first, the Edge controller looks a little overdesigned. There are too many edges and plates and it looks a little too angular. Unlike its Microsoft counterpart, it doesn't look as smooth and could be a little intimidating for new players to even pick up. There seem to be a lot of moving parts and it felt very similar to using the regular PS5 Dual Sense controller. Because it is based on the same design language, the Edge controller feels like its predecessor but weighs a bit more, giving it much-needed heft. Again, this might not be ideal for new players but for regulars, it’s just like slipping into a comfy pair of gloves. It might not look amazing but it sure feels great when it's in your hands. 

There are small and subtle improvements such as the inner bit of the handles being rubberized and the addition of extra paddles on the back of the device. These magnetized slots can hold two extra paddles and buttons for a more customised experience depending on how and what you play. One feature that stands out from every other controller out there is the Edge controller’s modular analogue stick design. It’s incredibly easy to change your analogue sticks on the Edge controller as all you need to do is pop off the cover and holder and the entire analogue unit slides right out, giving you the ability to replace it with a brand new one. This is ideal for pro players who have issues with stick drift and the like. It’s this one feature that I think gives this controller the edge (pun intended) over its competitors. 

You can also adjust the sensitivity of the L2 and R2 buttons using a small button in the back of the controller. This gives you tighter control when playing fast-paced games. If you’re into mech games such as Armored Core like I am, you’ve had a tough time with the controls. With the Edge controller, you can assign the buttons required for firing and strafing into the back paddles, thus freeing up your right thumb to control the camera in the game. It might be a small thing for a lot of gamers but for the pros, these small features and general improvements will make a huge difference. If anything, Sony really took their time and with the DualSense Edge, they’ve created a controller that will definitely appeal to the pros but has a ton of goodies and quality-of-life improvements that should make it a smart purchase for the regular gamer. 

PS5 Edge Controller

PlayStation Edge controller: In the box

The Edge controller comes in a slick and seemingly durable white case along with a USB-C cable, a pair of paddles and extra back buttons, Analogue-stick extenders and a port holder. The box in which the controller comes in can also be used to charge the device via a flap that can be lifted up to allow the controller to be connected to a power source while in the box. 

It helps that most of the accessories and the cover are made using premium materials, which is why the Edge controller is priced at ₹18,990. It feels premium without necessarily looking like it. I honestly wish there weren’t so many sharp surfaces that feel like they’re cutting into my palms. The rubberized inner handles are a great help but I would advise players to maybe slap on a third-party skin. 

PlayStation Edge controller: Playability

The Edge controller might not look like much but it’s a performer, and how! The weight of the controller gives it the necessary heft and really feels like you’re holding a brand-new piece of tech that only you have. There’s something special about how it feels and plays. The fact that the trigger buttons are adjustable means that fast-paced shooters can now be played reliably on a controller. You can also customize your own calibration settings with the analogue sticks, giving you a lot of control over how you approach a game. The adaptive triggers, along with the extra back buttons highlight the Edge controller's customizability when it comes to almost every kind of game out there. If you can play it on the PS5, you can customise exactly how you want to approach the game. 

We played a wide range of games from Ragnarok, Doom Eternal, Gran Turismo, Metro Exodus and much more and the controller was as smooth as butter in almost all situations. We even found that faster response times were great for the kind of combat a game like Bloodborne has. Although, we still need a 60fps patch for the game, From Software! Are you listening?

The Function button also gives players the ability to control the volume in a game so you really don't have to pause the action to change certain settings. It’s these little improvements that really make the Edge controller stand apart from its inferior counterpart. 

PS 5 Edge

There is one major problem with this controller though and it’s a real doozy! The battery life on the Edge controller is abysmal, at best. You get about a 2-and-a-half-hour session on a single charge! Look, with the amount of tech Sony’s packed into this thing, it’s no wonder the battery life is this short, but in this day and age, something like this should not be happening. We’re hoping that there is some sort of modular solution to this problem in the future. Maybe we could just swap out batteries? 

But as it stands, apart from the bad battery life, should you buy the Edge controller? Well, if you have the money to spend and play professionally or are a hardcore gamer (all ₹18,990) then it’s a no-brainer. You’ll make a lot of use of the multiple features in the Edge controller. But for more casual players, I’d say stick to the base DualSense controller and maybe pick up the Edge when there’s a sale or discount. 

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