E3 2014: The final round-up

By Nikhil Pradhan | Updated 13 Jun 2014
E3 2014: The final round-up
  • E3 2014 will be remembered for some truly amazing games. Here are four of them.

Now that E3 2014 is drawing to a close, it’s time to take a breath and revel in all the amazing games that were shown off during the three days. While day one was all about huge press conferences from all the big companies, and day two was about getting the media closer to those companies, day three was about opening up the floor and letting gamers and journalists walk around to discover more about all the games on show.


Like the last two days, this round-up won’t just look at what all was discussed on day three of E3 2014 but also some games that I missed out on in the past round-ups.

Civilization goes far beyond Planet Earth

After basically letting you conquer the world in every Civilization game, the next installment will begin with you blasting into space to search for a new planet to conquer. Civilization: Beyond Earth will introduce new concepts like alien species indigenous to different planets and an upgrade tree that lets you either adapt to planets, make planets adapt to you or fanatically pine for Earth.


Let the Civ: Beyond Earth devs explain what all is new with the game:



Crytek makes a Homefront game look interesting

Crytek just did the impossible, it made a Homefront game actually look like something we’d like to play. Instead of the linear mess that the original Homefront was, the new one, Homefront: The Revolution, will be set in an open world and will have gameplay that focuses on guerilla warfare rather than all out gun battles.


Let this long gameplay video show you how different this Homefront game is:

The Witcher 3: GOTY 2015?

Every time that CDProjekt has shown off its upcoming open-world action RPG, it has left us terribly impressed. These last two long gameplay videos have again managed to do so, therefore, check them out:



A PS4 exclusive, Bloodborne is being developed by From Software, the studio behind Dark Souls II and is considered to be spiritual successor to those games. The game looks as gloomy and thick with atmosphere as the Dark Souls games and seems to have taken a similar shining to horror. Although we still haven’t seen a gameplay video, From Software has revealed that the game will take place in a gothic universe (think Victorian London) and will feature both melee weapons and short-range firearms.


Watch the cinematic trailer of Bloodborne below:    

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