Check out the 4 neat features of the iBall Musihome Pro

Check out the 4 neat features of the iBall Musihome Pro

The traditional bedside alarm clock is pretty much dead following the advent of the mobile phone. But what if it could offer you something more than just that? That is something iBall wants to answer with the Musihome Pro, a digital alarm clock that is packed with features. Here’s a quick look at what it can do.

Wireless charging

The iBall Musihome Pro can be used to charge your phone wirelessly. Simply place the phone on top of the device before you sleep, and it should be ready to go by the morning. Just make sure your phone supports wireless charging.

LED display

Of course, the purpose of a digital alarm clock is to show you the time. The iBall Musihome Pro features a large LED display that will show you the time even when it’s dark. It will also show you the current temperature.

Bluetooth speaker

You can also use the iBall Musihome Pro as a full fledged Bluetooth speaker. All you need to do is pair it with your phones and play some tracks. You can also connect a device via an AUX cable or play music via a microSD card.

FM radio

Of course, if you wish to listen to a professional RJ spin the tracks for you, while adding in a dose of banter than FM is meant for you. The iBall Musihome Pro lets you tune in to your favourite FM channels and groove to the beat.



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