Discover the UPM Sensor Library's New Website

By Promotion | Updated 14 Sept 2017
Discover the UPM Sensor Library's New Website

UPM is a high level sensor library for the Intel® IoT Platform, offering drivers for a wide range of sensors, actuators, and connectivity.  Discover the new UPM site with enhanced user experience, allowing you to quickly navigate and explore the 400+ supported sensors, along with easy to find code samples, sensor specifications, datasheets, and more.


Highlights of the new site:

  • New Search Functionality: perform real-time search and filtering to quickly find sensors without refreshing. We've also added more granular filters allowing you to customize your search
  • Built In Sensor Details: every sensor page now includes detailed specifications, images, datasheets, and code snippets in every supported language
  • Expanded Documentation: learn more about the UPM project on how it works and how you could contribute to this growing project to become a sensor partner
  • Completely Open Source: the entire site is built and hosted on GitHub* pages, allowing quick and flexible updates to any changing or erroneous information

For more such intel IoT resources and tools from Intel, please visit the Intel® Developer Zone



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