App of the Week: Reos Camera

By Arnab Mukherjee | Published on 09 Dec 2016
App of the Week: Reos Camera
  • Something like a Swiss-knife for camera apps, one that could use some sharpening

Smartphone photography has gone way beyond just clicking pictures in recent times. Rarely do people click a picture on a smartphone and do nothing else with it apart from showing people. Instagram, the hugely popular image-based social media platform, has quite a significant role to play here. And with filtering apps like Prisma, that now offer video filter as well, there are simply too many things you can do in the general area of smartphone photography with multiple apps, that is if you can afford to have multiple apps for all of this on your phone. Or you could just use Reos Camera.

This app is not just another camera app with one tweak different or one filter extra. This is literally one camera app to replace them all - albeit with some issues. To begin with, the photo mode allows you to dynamically select same basic tint filters and set exposure settings and more. It also comes preloaded with some standard white balance settings. The dial-like design to adjust parameters is very nice. There is also a video mode and a time-lapse mode which are pretty standard as far as camera apps go.

The first thing that differentiates this app is its integration of Prisma like filters in the Artify mode, although the number of filters is quite less and even the algorithm that applies them is not quite effective. It is the next feature that truly sets it apart and makes it our app of the week - the Search mode.

While the object identification is on point, the suggestions are not always accurate

The Search mode of this app could be an app by itself. In the search mode, you can take a picture of any product around you, and the app identifies the object. And what’s more, it even shows listings of the product or similar options online - all within the app. If you do happen to open a particular listing you are shown the price source and even get a ‘Buy’ button that opens the relevant e-commerce listing in your browser. The brilliance of this mode is that it almost never failed to identify what was presented to it, even if the listing weren’t always on point.

The overall app does feel unpolished at times, due to certain design choices. But there is no denying that the search mode can take this app to a whole new level if it is perfected. Overall, a fun camera app to have.

Arnab Mukherjee



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