Google Nexus TV might arrive in early 2014

Google Nexus TV might arrive in early 2014

Reports are coming in that Google is almost ready to launch its very own Nexus branded set-top box

After launching the HDMI enabled Chromecast device for streaming purposes, it seems that Google will be bringing in full-fledged Nexus Television box sets to the market. Reports are indicating that the search giant will be announcing a set-top box with a touchpad remote by early 2014.

The TV was apparently first called Google TV but later replaced with the Nexus branding. Sources also indicate that the interface will be Android based and might run on the recently announced KitKit OS. The TV will come preloaded with apps like Netflix, Hulu and other streaming options and consumers will also be able to play games on the television.

Consumers already having an Android mobile device will be able to use it to perform all the functions of the remote via an app. There will also be a touch enabled remote control which will be included in the Google Nexus TV package. There are also rumours lurking around that the Nexus branded TV might feature the Chromecast built-into it.

While there is no confirmation about the launch date, we just might see a glimpse of Google’s new television at the Consumer Electronics Show which will be taking place in January next year. It will be interesting to see such a product from Google as it will be facing some tough competition from Apple TV and Roku. 

Source: Mashable Image courtesy: Digitaltrends
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