55-inch smart TVs with in-built chromecast for easy casting

55-inch smart TVs with in-built chromecast for easy casting

Gone are the days when you had to buy an additional Chromecast to view the contents of your smartphone and tablet on TV, as you can get the same feature inbuilt in most TVs nowadays. As a result, this should enable you to enjoy the content on your device on the big screen as and when you want with just a click of a button. If you are looking for this feature as a major aspect in the TV you desire to buy, note that we have curated a list of four such TVs that have built-in Chromecast for you to choose from. Note that all these products are available on Amazon and all of these have been selected based on their overall listed features.

OnePlus 55Q1IN Pro

Here is a 55-inch TV from OnePlus that has inbuilt Chromecast, enabling you to cast your desired content on the screen with ease. It also supports OnePlus Mobile Sync, allowing you to easily play the content on your OnePlus smartphone on the big screen. The TV has a 55-inch 4K UHD display that supports a 480Hz motion rate, which should deliver a smooth and stutter-free visual output. Guess what, this TV does just as well in the sound department, thanks to a 50W front-firing sliding soundbar. This means you can use the TV even in a big room without spending extra on additional speakers. 

Mi TV 4X

Here is a budget-friendly 55-inch TV from Mi that comes with the built-in Chromecast feature, enabling you to cast the content from your smartphone on the TV with ease. The 55-inch display has a picture quality of 4K UHD and supports a refresh rate of 60Hz, which should not only deliver a visual output with bright colours but also a snappy one with no stutters. In the audio department, it delivers a sound output of 20W, which should be good enough to fill up a medium-sized room. Furthermore, it comes with a horde of smart TV features, such as built-in Wi-Fi, Google Assistant, Patchwall and various streaming apps, which should account for you enjoying a good user experience. Finally, it sports three HDMI and two USB ports at the back, which you can use to connect external devices to improve your user experience.

Sony Bravia 55X7500H

If you are looking for a 55-inch smart TV with built-in Chromecast and a display that delivers an efficient visual output, then this model from Sony should do you justice. It sports a 4K UHD display that uses technologies like 4K X-Reality Pro and Motionflow XR to deliver bright visuals with vivid colours, as per company claims. Moreover, it supports a 50Hz refresh rate, which should enable you to enjoy a smooth and snappy output. In term of audio performance, it has bass-reflex speakers that deliver a sound output of 20W. Finally, it has various smart TV features like voice search, built-in Wi-Fi, OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

TCL 55P8

Here is an affordable TV from TCL that sports a 55-inch 4K UHD display which should enable you to enjoy a good viewing experience. Furthermore, it supports wide-angle viewing as well, allowing you to view the visuals even from tight angles such as 178°, which should come in handy when there are multiple people in the same room at a time. It uses built-in Chromecast technology, enabling you to enjoy your smartphone’s content by directly patching it to the TV. Furthermore, it delivers a sound output of 20W to give you a good listening experience. Finally, you can connect external devices such as additional speakers, gaming console, set-top boxes and external storage devices, using the four HDMI and three USB ports that are available at the back of the TV.

Kodak 139 cm (55 Inches) 4K 55UHDX7XPRO

This 55-inch TV from Kodak is one of the better options if you want to save some cash on your next smart TV without compromising on the essential features. It offers 4K resolution support with up to 60Hz refresh rate. For connectivity, it has 3x HDMI ports, 2x USB Type A ports. It is powered by a 24 Watt speaker output that should suffice for a small area. The smart TV features it brings along include Google Voice search, Google Play, built-in Chromecast, HDR gaming and more.

Panasonic TH-58HX450DX

Here is a 58-inch budget-friendly TV from Panasonic with a 4K UHD Display that supports a 60Hz refresh rate, which should give you a good-quality visual output. Moreover, it uses technologies like Dolby Vision, Adaptive Backlight Dimming and 4K Upscaling, which should improve the contrast, sharpness and detail of the pictures, as per company claims. How about enjoying the videos of your phone on this big efficient screen? Thanks to the inbuilt Chromecast feature, you can do this easily, taking the entertainment value a notch higher. The TV also has pre-installed OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar and more, so just sign in and start streaming. 

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