Now Google search to find your lost Android phone

By Silky Malhotra | Updated 16 Apr 2015
Now Google search to find your lost Android phone
  • Google search will now let you find and ring your lost smartphone any where in the world.

Google has launched a 'Find My Phone' feature that allows you to locate your Android phone through Google search.

Users just have to type in “Find my phone,” and Google will show where your phone is exactly on a map. The feature has a drop-down menu from where you can choose to let your phone ring for five minutes, if it's anywhere in the near vicinity. If your device is found in an unsecure location, you can click on the map to be redirected to the full Android Device Manager page. Google states that to use the 'Find my Phone' feature users must have the latest version of Android's main Google app installed on their phone and their browser must be logged into the same Google account as their phone.


It's notable Google's Android device manager already also allows you to locate your smartphone, however the new feature, Google search, makes it much simpler. However, if you want to remotely lock your lost phone along with the number you would like the finder to call or wipe your device you would still need the Android device manager.

Last month Google introduced Android Device Manager for wearables, that would let users find their phones through their smartwatch. The search feature only works if you are in close proximity to your smart phone as the devices need to maintain Bluetooth connectivity. This feature works well if you have lost your phone inside your home.

Source: Google

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