MIUI 14 changelog tips details about the new features for Xiaomi phones

By Shikhar Mehrotra | Published 04 Dec 2022 21:50 IST
  • Tipster uploads MIUI 14’s changelog.

  • It contains all the new features that will be released with the operating system.

  • Here is everything we know about MIUI 14.

MIUI 14 changelog tips details about the new features for Xiaomi phones
MIUI 14 changelog tips details about the new features for Xiaomi phones

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi will soon announce MIUI 14, the next generation of its MIUI operating system. Ahead of the launch, details about MIUI 14 have surfaced on the internet. It is expected that the operating system will be revealed during the Xiaomi 13 launch event, the date for which has not been confirmed by the company yet. From what it looks like, MIUI 14 will be a significant upgrade for all Xiaomi users. 

MIUI 14 new features

The company will release the new MIUI 14 for multiple models, including Redmi and POCO phones. Overall, the MIUI 14 takes less space and remains swift and responsive for users. Here are the features listed in the image uploaded by the tipster, which is believed to be the MIUI 14 changelog. 

1. Basic experience: Per the image, MIUI 14’s improved system architecture boosts the performance of third-party and pre-installed apps. 

2. Personalisation: MIUI 14 has a new widget format that allows more user combinations. Additionally, the OS has a new Super Icons feature that refreshes users’ home screens. 

3. Privacy protection: As mentioned in the image, “more than 30 scenes now support end-to-end privacy with no data stored in the cloud and all actions performed locally on the device.”

4. Interconnectivity: The new operating system features a faster MI Smart Hub and faster connectivity within devices. 

5. Family services: MI Family Services are getting an iOS-like update where users can now share photo albums with their family group. 

6. Mi AI voice assistant: Last but not least, the MI AI voice assistant has also received multiple upgrades. Users can use the AI voice assistant as a scanner, translator, call assistant and more.

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For more technology news, product reviews, sci-tech features and updates, keep reading Digit.in or head to our Google News page.

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