Leaked images show how good the BlackBerry Z10 looks

By Nikhil Pradhan | Updated 13 Feb 2018
Leaked images show how good the BlackBerry Z10 looks
  • RIM is expected to show-off the BlackBerry Z10 at their January 30 event.

The past year has been a struggle for RIM, the Canadian manufacturer of BlackBerry handsets. With the rising popularity of Android phones and the iPhone, RIM has seen more and more of its user base erode. But on Wednesday, the 30th of January, RIM will hope to start its arduous journey back to relevancy, when it showcases its brand new Blackberry 10 OS and also a bunch of handsets running the new OS.


The BlackBerry Z10 is one of these new phones that RIM will show-off at the Wednesday event and, if the latest images floating around on the Internet can be trusted, the Z10 will be one of the best looking phones that has seen the light of day.

The site Gadget Helpline managed to get their hands on photos of a white Z10 that also reveal the phone's sleek chassis, a matte textured back and a large display with an extremely slim bezel. Also worth noting is the fact that the front of the phone has no physical buttons which means that the Z10 will entirely rely on the touch interface.

Gizmodo has also posted a number of images from reader Martin Hajek, who has created rendered images of the BlackBerry Z10 comparing it with the iPhone 5.


Looking at these images have definitely made us excited for the Blackberry Z10. Here's hoping RIM has done a good job with it!

Sources (images and story): Gadget Helpline, Gizmodo

Nikhil Pradhan

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