Google may be working on its own smartwatch

By Nikhil Pradhan | Updated 22 Mar 2013
Google may be working on its own smartwatch
  • Is this the beginning of a new smartwatch war? After Apple and Samsung, details of Google's smartwatch leak online.

Well, it’s official- the smartwatch is going to be the next smartphone. After details of Apple and Samsung working on their respective smartwatches hit the Internet, now online reports state that Google also filed a patent application back in 2011 for a smartwatch with two displays and an “interactive user interface.”

According to CNET, the Google smartwatch is being developed by the search giant’s Android division instead of its X Lab division that works on concept devices. If Google officially announces that it is indeed working on a smartwatch, then it would further highlight its plan to focus on wearable computing devices that also includes its previously revealed Glass project.

In recent months, details of Apple’s smartwatch, branded by everybody except for Apple as the ‘iWatch’, have hit the Web. According to rumours, a 100 member team has been working on the watch which may feature a slap bracelet mechanism, solar and kinetic charging systems and a display that changes its size according to the size of the user’s wrist. While Apple hasn’t acknowledged that the iWatch project, actually exists, a Samsung executive admitted earlier this week that the Korean company had been developing its new smartwatch for some time now.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to play around with some of these smartwatches before the year ends.

Source: CNET

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