BlackBerry 10 leaks show BBM video calling, and a brand new task manager

By Nimish Sawant | Updated 28 Dec 2012
BlackBerry 10 leaks show BBM video calling, and a brand new task manager
  • Video calling might just be a confirmed feature thanks to official-looking leaks that were apparently requested to be to be taken off.

Ever since BlackBerry had announced its launch date, we have seen a steady stream of leaks. We have covered the speculations about video coming to BBM, the QWERTY keypad photo on the N-series BB10 phone, the leaked photographs of BlackBerry London as well as Z10 alleged to be the next BlackBerry phone.


The latest leaks, apparently from an internal BB 10 presentation, first splashed on CrackBerry forums include official-looking slides talking about BBM with video chat with face-to-face calls and screen-sharing. In yet another BlackBerry slide-leak, a new tasks app, allegedly called BlackBerry Remember will be coming to BB10. According the the leaked slides, Remember will be taking over from the native Tasks app in the next edition of BlackBerry phones. The slide images have been taken off CrackBerry, fuelling rumours that these features are pretty much expected in the newest BlackBerry phones.

The official launch of the new BlackBerry 10 handsets is slated for January 30, 2012 and a lot of buzz around the devices has already been generated thanks to the leaks. While leaks are not really desirable by any company, in Research In Motion’s case, it really has got the tech community excited to an extent about the upcoming phones. For those of you who are already thinking that BB10 is a goner, this opinion piece by Vishal might just make you re-think your view.

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