Strontium Technology launches EVM, a new brand of value memory




Strontium Technology, a Singapore based tech company, has launched a new brand of value memory, called EVM. EVM has released a range of value-for-money memory modules in India, and will be available in 3 variants.  Available with a lifetime warranty, RAM cards are individually tested, and offer free technical support, hassle-free RMA service, improved heat dissipation and universal compatibility with “all systems and platforms that are available in the market” (unless of course your motherboard doesn’t support DDR3 RAM). Available in 1 and 2 GB variants, EVM desktop PC memory modules are great value for money, priced at Rs.1025 for 1GB-DDR2, Rs.1925 for 2GB- DDR2 and Rs.2275 for 2GB-DDR3 respectively. Warranty services can be availed at key Strontium service centres Pondicherry and New Delhi, as well as Strontium distributors/master reseller all across India.



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