Lenovo unveils next generation YOGA laptops starting at Rs. 30,490

By Souvik Das | Updated 6 Jun 2017
Lenovo unveils next generation YOGA laptops starting at Rs. 30,490
  • Lenovo’s next generation YOGA series will provide the performance of a laptop with flexibility of a tablet, prices start at Rs. 30,490

Lenovo unveiled the next generation of its YOGA laptops today. Four new variants were revealed: the budget 11” YOGA 300, and the feature-packed 14” YOGA 500, YOGA 3 and YOGA 3 Pro. Other laptops released along with the YOGA series are the thin and light U41-70 series, the premium multimedia Z50-80 series and the gaming Y5070/Y7070 series.





With the main focus given to the YOGA machines, it is interesting to note that each of the four variants released have a unique utility. While the YOGA 300 is a budget-friendly 2-in-1 laptop best suited to students, the YOGA 500 is for those who want power and portability streamlined into one laptop that also doubles as a tablet. The YOGA 3 14”, as Lenovo states in their Press Release, is designed to be the “perfect travel companion”, while the YOGA 3 Pro is designed to be “one of the slimmest convertibles in the market” as of now.

The YOGA 500 is packed under the hood with Intel’s 5th generation Core i7 processors, 8GB of DDR3 RAM running at 1600MHz and NVIDIA GeForce GT-940M graphics along with neat features as a backlit AccuType keyboard that enhances gaming experiences. One feature common to all YOGA devices are the modes in which they can operate - as a laptop, in tent mode, as a standalone tablet and also as a tablet stand. Lenovo states that the YOGA laptops, that were first introduced in 2012, have been a product of “consumer-centric innovation”.

The new releases will soon be available in India at Lenovo exclusive outlets and its Do Store. The YOGA 300 will be launched at a price of Rs. 30,490, the YOGA 500 at Rs. 57,990, the YOGA 3 at Rs. 86,990 and the YOGA 3 Pro at Rs. 1,14,990.

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