Intel's 2011 roadmap for processors and SSDs revealed

By Abhinav Lal | Updated 16 Aug 2010
Intel's 2011 roadmap for processors and SSDs revealed

Intel’s 2011 roadmap for SSDs and processors has been leaked, and has revealed some rather interesting products coming up. Check out a list of upcoming SSDs above, and processors below. Some of the most notable SSD configurations include a 400GB version of Intel’s X25-E drive, a 600GB version of the X25-M drive, a 160GB version of the low profile (1.8-inch) X18-M drive, and a 80GB version of the X25-V drive. There are also two new "small-form factor mSATA SSD[s]" expected, codenamed Soda Creek. They seem to be built for PCIe slots.


On the processor front, Intel will be releasing 19 processors based on its new power-efficient Sandy Bridge architecture, of which 13 are for desktops (9 quad-core, 4 dual-core), and 6 for laptops/netbooks (3 quad-core with TDP ranging from 45W to 55W, and 3 dual-core with TDP of 35W each).

Abhinav Lal

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