HP’s flexible displays

In a joint effort between HP and the Flexible Display Center of Arizona State Unversity, they have managed to create a new kind of flexible display which is flexible, unbreakable and most of all affordable.

Using a a production method called Self-Aligned Imprint Lithography (SAIL), these displays can be mass manufactured in the form of rolls instead of sheets, which manages to make the production method more cost effective.

The displays are flexible enough to be “rolled, folded like a newspaper, or bent to fit around a building or car”, not only that they are more environment friendly, as these displays use 90% less material than the displays today. As Carl Taussig, director, Information Surfaces, HP Labs says, “In addition to providing a lower-cost process, SAIL technology represents a more sustainable, environmentally sensitive approach to producing electronic displays.”

They hope to have prototypes of full color flexible displays in as little as three years.

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