Xbox One controller support comes to Windows PC

By Jayesh Shinde | Updated 6 Jun 2014
Xbox One controller support comes to Windows PC
  • Finally, and as promised by Microsoft, the Xbox One controller can now be paired with Windows desktops, laptops and select tablets through an upcoming Windows update.

The game just reached a whole new level. In a move that promises to give PC gamers great joy, Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox One controller support is finally coming to desktop PCs, laptops and select Windows 8 tablets through an upcoming Windows update.


Microsoft had spoken about bringing Xbox One controller support to Windows PCs last year around the time of Xbox One's launch.

Back then, Microsoft explained why Xbox One controller's support for Windows PC wasn't going to be instantaneous, since it was technologically far superior (and different) than the Xbox 360 controller, and would need new drivers to rollout. That time has come. Now.

Windows x86 and x64 compatible drivers for the Xbox One controller let you play any game with it which supports the older Xbox 360 controller. 


If you can't wait for the next Windows update which brings this driver compatibility for the Xbox One controller, you can download the driver through Major Nelson's website here.

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