Uncharted game officially teased for the PS4

By Sameer Mitha | Updated 15 Nov 2013
Uncharted game officially teased for the PS4
  • The next chapter in naughty Dog’s Uncharted franchise has officially been teased for the PS4

At the eve of Sony’s next gen console’s launch, developer Naughty Dog has officially unveiled a teaser for their next game. Simply titled 'Uncharted', the teaser shows a map with the voiceover of one of the main characters.


It is not the voice of Nolan North, the lead voice for the protagonist from the previous Uncharted games. Naughty Dog has said that the teaser does contain a few clues about the game.

When the teaser for Uncharted 3 was launched, it too has a trailer with a map and the voice over of the lead protagonist, Nathan Drake played by Nolan North. Does this mean that the lead protagonist has changed in the game or is it the voice of the antagonist giving us our first glimpse of the game?

Only time will tell as further details of the game will be revealed soon. Now we have a bigger incentive to rush and get our hands on a PS4.


Sameer Mitha
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