Total War: Rome 2 adds another performace-updating patch

By Abhinav Mishra | Updated 24 Sept 2013
Total War: Rome 2 adds another performace-updating patch
  • Creative Assembly dishes out yet another performance-update patch for Total War: Rome 2, assures significant performance boost and AI improvements

Total War: Rome 2 is about to get yet another performance updating patch. Most of the changes point to tweaks and fixes, which are likely to improve the stability of the game.

The game since its early September release, has been experiencing a multitude of issues pertaining to low frame rates, crashes, graphical bugs and a lot more. However, it seems the latest patch-update may be the game's saviour as the issues seem to have been addressed. The most noticeable improvements are campaign performance optimization, AI round time improvement along with additional setting options. The patch will improve frame rates on the campaign map and bring about a better multiplayer experience.


The latest patch update brings significant improvements to the AI. It also includes a new 'Limited' option in the 'Show AI Player Moves' settings for single as well as multiplayer campaign modes allowing players to oversee all movement. Most of the patch updates brings about significant improvements in the game's overall performance.

The PC version of Total War: Rome 2 is available now through retail channels and can also be procured via Steam .

Source: Joystiq


Abhinav Mishra

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