Steam gets major 'Discovery' update, brings recommendations, curation

By Hardik Singh | Updated 23 Sept 2014
Steam gets major 'Discovery' update, brings recommendations, curation
  • Steam has announced a Discovery update which will bring customized recommendations, and user curation to the gaming client.

Gaming client Steam is currently rolling out a new Discovery update for its game client. Steam claims that the new UI of the store in the Discovery update has been designed to make browsing for new games and game curation much easier.


Steam has updated a bunch of visuals in the gaming client as well as on the website. The change comes with an updated blue hued design scheme with home page customization options. The new update also brings game filters and curated lists to the Steam client.

Here is a small small preview of what Steam is doing in the Discovery update


Now your Steam homepage will show lists of games like popular, top sellers and games suggested or recommended by your friends. You can also customize the look as to your preference.


Discovery Queue

The Discovery Queue will show upto 12 personalized game titles for each user. Each user can customize this queue and this Discovery Queue will also be added to your homepage as well.


Steam Curators

Steam will be giving the opportunity to individuals, organizations and groups to review or recommend games. You can follow these curators on Steam just like Twitter and their updates will show up on your activity wall.


Search and filtering

After the new update you will be ableto search games by their name, tag or description. Steam has also updated its search and now it will start searching for the desired item as soon as you start typing.



Source: Steam

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