Sony's online PlayStation Store to offer movies, TV shows

By Jayesh Shinde | Updated 10 Dec 2012
Sony's online PlayStation Store to offer movies, TV shows

While we still await next-gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony (the Xbox 720 and PS4, respectively), Sony seems to be gearing up for ramping up its digital download offerings. Confirmed reports of Sony’s PlayStation store being available and accessible through a PC’s browser, and not just through a PlayStation console anymore, are true.


What’s more, the online Sony PlayStation Store – much like Microsoft’s recently refreshed and re-launched Xbox store ( – houses much more than just games or gaming-related content. According to an Engadget report, the online Sony PlayStation Store offers Movies and TV shows, as is apparent from the screenshot given below:

Image courtesy of Engadget


However, when we tried firing up the Sony PlayStation Store in our PC browser, we didn’t see the three main content categories at the top – Games, Movies, and TV. We just saw games and gaming content.

According to another report, pricing and payment methodology on the yet unannounced Sony PlayStation Store (which went online over the weekend) is going to be similar to the Sony PlayStation console-based PSN or PlayStation Network. Movies and TV shows (basically video content) purchased and downloaded from the Sony PlayStation Store will be accessible across a host of Sony devices like PS3, PS Vita, PSP, VAIO laptops, tablets and Xperia smartphones.


At this point in time, Sony is yet to officially announce the online PlayStation Store. And while we know that the store will have games, movies and TV shows to buy, we don’t fully know what other surprises Sony may have up its sleeves.

No need to wait for its official unveiling, you can take a look at the Sony PlayStation Store here:

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