Sony releases four videos ahead of the PS4 launch

By Sameer Mitha | Updated 6 Nov 2013
Sony releases four videos ahead of the PS4 launch
  • Sony has released four videos on the upcoming PS4 that focus on the new controller, the games and experience and the remote play feature.

Sony’s next gen console, the PlayStation 4 is just around the corner and will be launching in the US in less than 10 days. Sony has launched four new videos to highlight the capabilities of the console.


The first video focuses on the new DualShock controller. The skeletal design of the controller is the same as the first generation but the controller has gone through a series of tweaks to perfect an already popular design. You now have a touchpad at the center of the controller, similar to the one found on the rear of the PS Vita. Below the touchpad rests a speaker, to add a more immersive gaming experience. The triggers of the controller too have been redesigned to offer a more ergonomic gaming experience.

The second video titled “epic journey awaits you” shows off the immersive gaming experience offered by the system. In the video, developers talk about the potential of the system and what it means for them with relation to developing a more immersive gaming experience.

The third video is a showcases of the new games coming to the consoles. The video is a montage of all the games coming to the PS4.


Last but not least, the fourth video shows off the remote play abilities of the PS Vita with the PS4. The remote play capabilities wont run over a 3G network. It will work best if you are on the same Wi-Fi network.


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