PlayStation Plus Subscription Plans announced with Multiple Tiers, Price, Features

PlayStation Plus Subscription Plans announced with Multiple Tiers, Price, Features
  • Sony PlayStation+ rehauled to feature Essential, Extra, and Premium plans with 700 plus games.

  • The existing PS Now subscribers will be freely upgraded over to the PS+ Premium tier from this June till their current plan’s validity expires.

  • There is a Sony PlayStation Deluxe plan for markets without the company’s cloud streaming service.

Sony has adjusted its PlayStation subscription plans with the all-new PlayStation Plus. There is no more standalone PlayStation Now. Instead, it has been subsumed into the PlayStation Plus Premium tier. PlayStation Plus subscription plans will include three tiers, Essential, Extra, and Premium. The latter two bring more games to download and stream. With a newly grown catalog of up to 700+ titles and a tiered pricing structure, Sony’s new offerings will be competing against the Microsoft Xbox Game Pass.

With the Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft has really shaken things up in the video game subcription service department. Thanks to its popularity and rapid adoption by the masses, they have forced competitors hands to introduce their own competitive subscription plans. Sony's decision to rejigg its subscription plans and introduce PlayStation Plus as a competitive plan doesn't come as a surprise.

Sony PlayStation Plus Subscription Plans

Tier PS+ Essential PS+ Extra PS+ Premium
Monthly downloadable games 2 Up to 400 PS4 and PS5 titles Up to 340 + the Extra and Essential catalog 
Streaming of legacy PS consoles No No Yes
Time-limited game trials No No Yes
Exclusive Discounts Yes Yes Yes
Cloud Save Yes Yes Yes
Multiplayer gaming Yes Yes Yes

$9.99 monthly

$24.99 quarterly

$59.99 yearly

$14.99 monthly

$39.99 quarterly

$99.99 yearly

$17.99 monthly

$49.99 quartrerly

$119.99 yearly

PlayStation Now brand will be discontinued.

PlayStation Plus Features

PlayStation Plus Essential is basically the same PlayStation Plus offering as before. The changes are in the Extra and Premium plans. The Premium offers up to 340 games including streamable PS3 titles as well as "a catalog of beloved classic games available in both streaming and download options from the original PlayStation, PS2 and PSP generations." You could use the PS4 and PS5 consoles and PC to try these games. Sony also allows you to try select games for some time before you buy them.

The prevailing PlayStation Now users will be migrated to PlayStation Plus Premium for free and this will last until their current subscription ends.

PlayStation Plus Price

PlayStation Plus Essential will be priced competitively, at the same price that Microsoft currently charges for the Xbox Game Pass. The Extra plan costs the same as the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate tier. However, Sony also has a Premium plan which Xbox does not have. Sony also offers significant discounts should you choose to purchase mulitple months worth of PlayStation Plus, for almost half-off if you purchase an annual subscription.

Additionally, for markets without Sony's PlayStation cloud streaming service, Sony is releasing PlayStation Plus Deluxe priced at a lower price than premium and offers the original PS, PS2, and PSP generation titles for downloading and playing. You also get time limited trials, exclusive discounts, cloud game saves, and online multiplayer gaming. The company will reveal the local pricing of the PlayStation Deluxe later.

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