Sony announces PlayStation app for Android and iOS

By Abhinav Mishra | Updated 20 Sept 2013
Sony announces PlayStation app for Android and iOS
  • Sony's PlayStation app will allow users to use their phone as a game controller by tapping the “Connect to PS4” button from within the app. The new app s set to take on Xbox One smartglass

At the Tokyo Game Show, Sony demonstrated their PlayStation app for Android and iOS, which can turn the upcoming PS4 into a remote server allowing users to stream games directly on-to their portable devices. The app will allow users to access trophy information as well as chat with other players along with multi-player invites. Sony clearly specified that users will not have to download any special software to enable this functionality.


The app also features the ability to direct users to dedicated game pages, as well as let users see what their friends are upto on the “What's New” screen. The app can also be integrated with Facebook and Twitter. With the app users would no longer be required to download mobile titles on their phones, they can from now on directly stream them via the PS4.

The 'Connect to PS4' button integrates the device with your PS4, similar to SmartGlass, for second screen content and touch-contrlloed gameplay. However, not all PS4 titles will be integrated with the app, adds Yoshida. Titles including Knack, DriveClub, Assassins Creed: Black Flag and Watch Dogs will get their own integrated applications.

However, Yoshida did not comment on which other PS4 titles will be PlayStation app compatible, or what mobile titles will be available for streaming. On the contrary, Sony already has a massive collection of PlayStation Mobile titles.



Abhinav Mishra

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