Shigeru Miyamoto sheds some light on the new Zelda DS and Wii games

By Faiyaz Shaikh | Updated 3 Nov 2009
Shigeru Miyamoto sheds some light on the new Zelda DS and Wii games
Zelda Spirit Tracks 
In an interview on the Nintendo website, Shigeru Miyamoto talks about the upcoming Zelda games for NDS and Wii. 
While the interview  has been posted in Japanese, the kind folks over at NeoGAF forums have posted a helpful translation. Talking about Zelda: Spirit Tracks, Miyamoto says: “(Zelda ST) will be really fun. It's turning out to be rather challenging. Many of our Japanese customers were introduced to the Zelda series with Phantom Hourglass, and ST could prove to be kind of hard for them, but I thought we'd show them what Zelda is really made of this time around. So it's turning into quite a unique title.” 
Zelda Spirit Tracks is due for release in Europe in December this year.
However, Wii fans will have to wait a bit longer. The next release in the Zelda series on the Nintendo Wii, tentatively titled Zelda (Wii), has a long way to go before it is ready for release. 
According to translation of the same interview, Miyamoto has confirmed tight integration of Motion Plus in the game, specifically mentioning implementation of Motion Plus as the game’s weapons control system.
Faiyaz Shaikh

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