Rovio: 263 million people played our games in Dec'12

By Vishal Mathur | Updated 14 Jan 2013
Rovio: 263 million people played our games in Dec'12
  • After showing off some amazing figures like 1 billion downloads for Angry Birds and 30 million downloads just in the days leading up to Christmas, Rovio has now made it known that 263 million people played its games, just in the month of Dec'12

Rovio, the maker of the popular game Angry Birds, has announced that 263 million users played its games in the month of December, led by the Christmas shopping spree. Though Rovio hasn't released exact figures per game title, this number includes iOS, Android, web and desktop versions and games on Facebook.


The number of downloads for Angry Birds has been quoted at 30 million in the days leading up to Christmas, and that can be attributed to the sales of new tablets and smartphones during this period, led by the Google Nexus, the Apple iPad Mini and even the Kindle Fire HD in the U.S. market specifically.

Knowing that Amazing Alex hasn’t exactly set the world alight, it is safe to assume that the huge majority chunk is because of Angry Birds. Again, no specific numbers on how many downloads each version of Angry Birds saw.

Also, the future seems rather exciting for Rovio. The company is gearing up for an IPO, which will help the company build on the Angry Birds brand, including the theme parks it is looking to set up. Interestingly, there are murmurs of a 3D animated Angry Birds film slated for release sometime in 2016.


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