Play 16-bit version of Borderlands 2 online for free now

By Sameer Mitha | Updated 24 Aug 2012
Play 16-bit version of Borderlands 2 online for free now

Launched in 2009, Borderlands was one new IP that managed to make its mark in a time that was dominated by sequels. It is 2012 and the sequel to Borderlands, conveniently called Borderlands 2 is making its mark on the world.


In anticipation of the launch of the Borderlands 2, which hits store shelves on Sept 21, developer Gearbox has launched a free to play 16-bit version of the game. Those interested can play the game on

The game is a top down view arcade shooter in which gamers can don the role of one of the four protagonists from the game - Salvador, Maya, Axton and Zero the robot. Your mission is to survive the oncoming wave of enemies. You can also upgrade you arsenal just like the console version of the game.

Borderlands mixed an FPS game with role playing elements in an interesting way and we hope to see the same gameplay mechanics in the sequel.

In other Borderlands 2 news, developer Gearbox announced that the game would not be playable in split-screen multiplayer on the PC “due to technical reasons”.


In the past we have seen that PC gamers are being left behind when it comes to multiplatform games. The problem usually is that the game is delayed for a PC launch when compared to launch date of the console version or that the PC version is a really bad port of its console version.

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