PC version of Borderlands 2 gets a mammoth patch

By Manish Rajesh | Updated 14 Nov 2012
PC version of Borderlands 2 gets a mammoth patch

A mammoth patch for the PC version of the hit game Borderlands 2 has been released. While immensely enjoyable, the game hasn’t been without its issues.

November 13 saw the release of a major Borderlands 2 patch, which fixed various glitches and bugs, and also repaired a slew of broken missions.


Here are a few of the major changes, as detailed by developers Gearbox:

  • Fixed fast travel stations from downloadable content sometimes disappearing when loading a saved game.
  • Fixed an issue where players could occasionally be unable to connect to one another if one of them had recently been in DLC that the other doesn't have.
  • Fixed an issue where players were sometimes unable to pick items up after another player had bulk-picked-up a nearby item.
  • Improved PhysX fluid rendering quality at high resolutions.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to sometimes crash or freeze after killing Master Gee in the Captain Scarlett DLC.
  • Fixed challenges showing inaccurate completion amounts for area-specific challenges.
  • Fixed a bug where the player's active mission would sometimes fall back to main-game missions when completing other missions in DLC areas.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause players to lose mission rewards that they had not claimed when switching between Normal mode and True Vault Hunter mode.
  • Added a confirmation dialog when opening the golden chest in Sanctuary.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to sometimes get stuck zoomed in when in "Fight for Your Life" mode.
  • Balance adjustments to "The Bee":
  • Increased Recharge Delay
  • Significantly increased Recharge Rate
  • Reduced level of DLC raid bosses in Normal Mode.
  • Fixed issue resulting in infinite leveling exploit with Fleshstick.
  • Increased the health of Terramorphous, Willhelm, and Blue.

Fixed issues with the following missions that could cause players to get stuck or not be able to complete them:

  • Plan B
  • Wildlife Preservation
  • Mighty Morphin
  • Animal Rescue: Food
  • The Man Who Would Be Jack
  • Get To Know Jack
  • Where Angels Fear to Tread
  • Trailer Trashing
  • Clan War: First Place
  • Stalker of Stalkers
  • The Once and Future Slab
  • Home Movies
  • Shielded Favors
  • You Are Cordially Invited: Tea Party
  • (Captain Scarlett) Freedom of Speech
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