Nintendo responds to allegations of Wii U GamePad being a copy of iPad

By Sameer Mitha | Updated 15 Jan 2013
Nintendo responds to allegations of Wii U GamePad being a copy of iPad
  • Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has responded to recent allegations currently spreading over the internet, suggesting the Wii U Gamepad as a concept was a copy of Apple's iPad tablet.

When Nintendo unveiled its next generation home console, the Wii U, it also revealed a new GamePad controller that combined a touchscreen along with traditional controls. The Wii U was unveiled at E3 2011 and the console hit store shelves in 2012.


Apple’s revolutionary iPad was launched in 2010 and recent information circulating the Internet alleges that Nintendo copied the tablet design into their controller.

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said, “We began talking about having another screen being a good idea around 2008. We thought thoroughly about our other options, but in the end, this was the idea, which was the most logical for us. So, in 2009, just as we began to press forward with this idea, sure that we were on the right track, this thing called an ‘iPad’ came into the world. 2.5 years after the debut of the iPad, when we were announcing the Wii U, it was the start of the tablet boom, the reaction was, ‘Nintendo’s just added a tablet to a game console, and there’ll be no revolution this time.’ Even though we’d been working on dual screens prior to the release of tablets, it looked like we were just following a trend.”

The Nintendo GamePad controller has a 6.2-inch touchscreen with dedicated controller buttons around the edges. The GamePad also has motion and gyro sensors for gesture-based motion gaming.


The GamePad screen has a lot of advantages for gamers. It can be used as the primary screen to play games if other members of the family want to watch TV. It also doubles up as a secondary display for the games and comes in handy with some multiplayer games as well.

Nintendo is selling two variants of its Wii U console to consumers priced at $300 (Rs. 16,700 approx.) and $350 (Rs. 19,500 approx.). The Basic Set that costs $300 will contain the Wii U console, one GamePad, sensor bar, 8GB built-in storage and HDMI cable.


The $350 Premium Set will contain the Wii U console, one GamePad, sensor bar, HDMI cable, charging stand, console stand, 32GB SSD and NintendoLand game disc. The Premium Set also comes with a Nintendo Network Premium Subscription, that lets gamers avail discounts on content purchased online.

Apart from the touchscreen GamePad controller, there is also a Wii U Pro controller that has been announced for Nintendo’s console. The controller looks very similar to an Xbox 360 controller.


Source: My Nintendo News

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