Mozilla Humble Bundle includes games to play in your browser

By Hardik Singh | Updated 15 Oct 2014
Mozilla Humble Bundle includes games to play in your browser
  • The latest Humble Bundle includes games for your browser and you can pay whatever you want for it.

Humble Bundle is well known in gaming communities for its 'pay what you want' sales for game bundles and this time around they have put together a bundle of indie games which can be played in your web browser itself. The latest bundle includes popular indie games like Super Hexagon, Osmos, FTL, Democracy, etc.


Humble Bundle sells digital copies of games and some amount of the revenues go to charity. With this current bundle a portion of the money raised will go to the Mozilla organization, Code Now organization and Maker Education initiative. If you purchase the current bundle it will not only be available to you on your browser but you also get the games DRM free, you can also unlock the games on your Steam account and if there is an Android version of the game, then it will be available on your Android device as well.



Humble Bundle has included web demos of all games on its website where you can test the games out before you buy them. Some games in the bundle are available under pay what you want and for the rest you have to pay above the average to unlock them. The “Humble Mozilla Bundle” is only available for the next 13 days from

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