Indian gamers are hardcore: Fatal1ty [Interview]

By Jayesh Shinde | Updated 3 Jul 2013
Indian gamers are hardcore: Fatal1ty [Interview]
  • We got a chance to interview Fatal1ty at Computex 2013, and learnt just what he is up to these days. Scroll down to the video to watch the interview in its entirety.

One of the highlights of our Computex visit has to be us bumping into none other than Fatal1ty -- or Johnathan Wendel, living, breathing gaming royalty.


We were giggling like little girls in Fatal1ty's presence, having witnessed his FPS exploits on games like Quake 3, Painkiller, Team Fortress, etc.

After a brief photo-op, we caught up with him for an exclusive interview (don't miss it in the SKOAR! DVD this month), but not before he won a pro-game against Relic, bagging a cool US $10,000 in the process. Great man, terrific gamer!

In the interview, we spoke to him about what he thinks of the Indian gaming scene; his take on the console versus PC debate; his advice to gamers planning to go pro; his daily routine - hours of practice etc.; his favourite Quake weapon, and more.

Check out the interview in its entirety below:

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