God of War III: Demo [First Impressions]

By Faiyaz Shaikh | Updated 2 Nov 2009
God of War III: Demo [First Impressions]
God of War III
More good news for God of War fans: We’ve just finished playing the E3 demo which was made available to a limited number of people last week, and we can tell you that it’s got everything that has made the series such a big hit with the fans, times three.
The demo starts with what appear to be Titans laying siege to Mount Olympus; and they are accompanied by Kratos! Impeding Kratos in his quest are a ton of undead soldiers, harpies, a centaur and the god Helios. 
As you would have expected, the game has improved lighting, higher quality textures and use of particles to add more zing to the weapons. Speaking of weapons, we did not notice any weapons that are completely new – all of them are just variation of the arsenal we have already seen in the series. Weapons like the Blade of Athena have retained the familiar set of combos; however, we did notice some new grappling moves. 
One thing that really stood out in the demo is that God of War has gotten bloodier… a lot bloodier… like ‘Itchy the Killer’ bloody! Kratos bathes in the blood of his fallen enemies as he goes around ripping through their flesh and bones. [Spoiler Alert] The QTE finishing moves have attained a whole new level of gruesomeness, especially when you see Kratos ripping off Helios’ head in graphic (excuse the pun) detail. 
Looks like it’s going to be a relentless and bloody month for PlayStation 3 owners come March 2010. We can’t wait!
Note: User MazingerDUDE at NeoGaf just posted a lot of screenshots of the game, which you can check out in the image gallery below.
Faiyaz Shaikh

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