There's an actual World War going on in Civilization V right now

By Nikhil Pradhan | Updated 19 Feb 2015
There's an actual World War going on in Civilization V right now
  • 42 civilizations, including India and the Mughals, are battling it out to take over the world in a Civilization V game planned by fans and modders.

There’s just something about a game like Civilization V that brings out the best in modders and the unabashed love of fans. Both these things now combine in the Official 42 AI World Domination match, a custom modded Civilization V match that has 42 historically significant civilizations wage war against each other across a huge world map that’s geographically accurate. The match was planned by members of Reddit’s Civilization subreddit, /r/civ.


As its name suggests, the match is completely controlled by A.I. and is a Domination match that a civilization can only win by destroying other civilizations which pretty much ensures that the endgame will see widespread nuclear devastation. The 42 civilizations taking part in the match have been decided with the help of public voting and includes India (with Mahatma Gandhi as the leader) and the Mughals as the two civilizations representing the sub-continent. Other civilizations taking part in the match, include Nazi Germany, Ancient Rome, the Incas, the USSR, Qin China and Imperial Japan. You can check out the rest of the civilizations on the subreddit thread.

The match is running on the PC of TPangolin, one of the members of the Civ subreddit, and considering how processor intensive the game is, the match is expected to last a while. TPangolin is livestreaming game on Twitch and it will be interesting to see which civilization ends up victorious since each one’s A.I. is programmed to approach a game differently.

Who do you think will be left standing amidst the ruins of the earth?

Source: Reddit via Kotaku

Nikhil Pradhan

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