Betrayer: A new FPS by F.E.A.R. and No One Lives Forever developers

By Abhinav Mishra | Updated 6 Aug 2013
Betrayer: A new FPS by F.E.A.R. and No One Lives Forever developers
  • Betrayer announced - it is all geared up for a launch on August 14 via Steam, developed by the creators of F.E.A.R and No One Lives Forever, former Monolith veterans.

Betrayer, a new first person shooter, has been announced by Blackpowder Games. The team consists of former Monolith developers, veterans who worked on No One Lives Forever and the original F.E.A.R.


The game's atmosphere has a gloomy and eerie feel to it, taking you back to the 17th century. Events in Betrayer take place in the year 1604, where the player has landed in the New World, in hopes of joining a struggling English colony on the coast of Virginia. However, it seems some mysterious forces have taken over the colony, as the player comes across "only ghosts and mysteries in a land drained of color and life."

The Roanoke colony, one of the colonial history's greatest mysteries, was among the inspirations behind this concept, says creative lead Craig Hubbard. “The social situation of that time was really interesting,” says Hubbard, formerly the lead designer on Shogo: Mobile Armor Division, F.E.A.R., and the NOLF series. “I don’t know if you’ve read about what it was like to be in the Pilgrim colonies, like if you broke the law, but they’d like… pile stones on you until you died. It was just brutal and horrific and that’s great subject matter for an atmospheric and eerie game.”


The job of the player is to delve into the wilderness, look for remaining survivors, find clues and solve these mysteries. To aid players in their quest, are weapons like muskets, axes and crossbows. Along the way, players will come across a mystery women in red, no one knows who she is and why is she helping.

Betrayer will be Blackpowder's first, self-funded project. Hubbard says the game is an effort to make games more "more intuitively," noting "[t]here's a sense of discovery and excitement when you navigate by instinct rather than market research and open yourself up to opportunities that arise during development."


The game will be released via Steam Early Access on August 14 for $15.

Source: PC Gamer and Joystiq

Abhinav Mishra

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