Batman: Arkham Origins to support multiplayer: Reports

By Sameer Mitha | Updated 24 Apr 2013
Batman: Arkham Origins to support multiplayer: Reports
  • Information circulating the Internet suggests that the third game in the Batman: Arkham franchise will support multiplayer

A few weeks ago Gameinformer made Batman: Arkham Origins official. The game is the third in the Arkham franchise after Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. The first two games in the franchise were single player experiences only and both the games were really awesome.


This time around, the development baton of the game has passed from Rocksteady (who made the first two games), to Warner Bros. Games Montreal. The game will be a prequel to the first two games.

Kotaku has reported that the Batman: Arkham Origins will support multiplayer. According to Kotaku, the source that is giving the information about multiplayer is the same source that spoke about the existence of the game before its official unveiling.

Kotaku says that during one section of the multiplayer of Arkham Origins gamers will play as members of Joker or Bane's gang and attempt to take down Batman and Robin. Customizable and playable antagonists include Killer Croc, Deadshot, Firefly, Black Mask, Deathstroke, and "some kind of Electroman character."


The game is set to hit all current generation consoles and the PC on October 25 2013. There is no information on whether the game will make an appearance on the PS4 or the Xbox 720. There is also a PS Vita and 3DS version of the game in works called Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate. The game will hit store shelves on the same day as its console counterpart.

Even though the multiplayer is in its rumour stage, we think it is a plausible angle for the franchise. The God of War franchise is considered as one of the most successful single player game franchise and with Ascension, for the first time the series got a taste of multiplayer. The multiplayer though not stellar is still interesting and appealing to those that love the single player experience of the franchise and want to take it online. It is possible that Arkham Origins does the same. We think a lot more details of the game will be unleashed upon gamers at E3 2013.


Source: Kotaku

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