3DRudder helps you control games with your feet

By Silky Malhotra | Updated 5 Jan 2015
3DRudder helps you control games with your feet
  • The motion controller tracks your feet while playing 3D games.

3DRudder motion controller unveiled at CES 2015, allows users to navigate virtual reality games with their feet.

The revolutionary feet-controlled 3D navigation and motion controller that allows gamers to play virtual 3D games while being seated and keep their feet on top of the 3DRudder. The console is an unobtrusive 12 inch circular platform that replaces a D-pad on the controller. Users have to tilt the device forward with their feet to move forward, to move to the right users have to tilt the device to the right, and so on. The pedal allows users to move up or down and you can also map custom controls onto the axes.


According to the company, the 3DRudder has been specifically designed for gamers and 3D professionals, but is easy enough to be used by anyone. Users can easily connect the console to the their pc via USB. The platform is expected to be compatible with a slew of software ranging from 3D graphics software to games.

It also works with existing PC games as it can readily emulate keyboard keys or a joystick and according to the company website can be an 'ideal companion to your next Virtual Reality Headset like the Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR.

The 3DRudder is currently on crowd funding site Indiegogo and is expected to be rolled out in May 2015. The device is priced at $110 and will shoot up to $130 after the first 250 units are sold.


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Source: 3DRudder 

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