Retro Bluetooth Speakers

Retro Bluetooth Speakers

If you’re someone who purchases items not just for their utility, but also for the aesthetic value they bring to the table, then you should definitely consider getting your hands on a pair of retro Bluetooth speakers. Look for speakers that come equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology so that you don’t have to compromise on the sound quality. Also, if you plan to carry your speakers with you while travelling, you should prioritise gadgets that promise a certain level of durability so that you don’t have to worry about damage. Here are a few funky retro Bluetooth speakers that you should check out.

PAGARIA Portable Retro Vintage Speaker

The PAGARIA Portable Retro Vintage Speaker is a great option for old souls because it has AM/FM functionality along with an old-school tuning knob that you can use to listen to the radio anytime you like. Do keep in mind that the FM frequency range is between 87.5-108 while the AM frequency range is between 522-1620. The company claims that this Bluetooth speaker has a range of 33ft, which should, at the very least, ensure that you can move about your home with your phone without the speaker disconnecting. From an aesthetic point of view, this speaker looks quite snazzy thanks to the walnut wood finish and copper antennae. Its compact design should ensure you can place it anywhere without worrying about it cluttering up your space.

VN Stores Artis Retro Style Classic Vintage Gramophone

Transport yourself to the early 50s with this Bluetooth speaker that emulates the look of a gramophone. The speaker has a bass enhancement system in it that should ensure you can enjoy any song you like. Though this is a wireless model, you can always use an AUX cable to connect it with your laptop or smartphone if you feel the need to. Additionally, you can store all your music on the device as it has an SD reader. The speaker supports FM functionality, ensuring that you can tune into your favourite channel and groove to great tunes. The brand claims that this speaker can deliver decent sounds outdoors too, which should make throwing a small get-together on your terrace or lawn even more fun.

Noizzy Box Retro XXL 4 Band Radio Bluetooth Speaker

If you love old-school radios and want a gadget that looks similar, then this one might just be perfect for you. This speaker has decent built-in audio drivers along with four different equaliser modes – theatre, surround, vocals, and classic modes. To add to that retro feel, the speakers have analogue controls made with metal. The built-in SD card reader should let you store all your favourite songs and blast them via the device anytime you feel like striking up an impromptu dance party. Other than the Bluetooth connectivity, the speaker has AUX and USB connectivity too – this can help you connect different devices with the speakers, and even charge it with ease. As these weigh a little over 2kg, it makes sense to place them on a sturdy table or bookcase.

4 D (LABEL) Antiguo Retro Bluetooth Speaker

Are you too young to remember rotary dial phones? Whether you’re romanticizing the old gadget that required a certain level of patience while dialling numbers, or are planning to take a stroll down memory lane with a retro-looking speaker, this one is a great option. The speakers are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which should ensure seamless connectivity and no loss of audio information. The speakers deliver a sound output of 3W, which should ensure decent sound quality – making this more than just a pretty tchotchke for your home. This wireless speaker has a built-in 600mAh battery that should last a decent while before needing to be charged again.   

Kajoli Anand Puri

Kajoli Anand Puri

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