Premium studio monitors for semi-professional use

Premium studio monitors for semi-professional use

A pair of Studio monitors or bookshelf speakers is a product every audiophile or music creator wishes to have in their house and studio because of the neutral sound output that they offer. There are a number of quality studio monitors that are available in the market and finding the right one is not easy. Here’s a look at some premium studio monitor speakers available on Amazon. Please note that the products were selected based on the specifications and features on offer.

Yamaha HS5

The Yamaha HS5 is a premium studio monitor that uses a 2-way bass-reflex bi-amplified system to deliver a powerful output of 70W. The housing is constructed using a 5-inch cone woofer and 1-inch dome tweeter to deliver a balanced sound output. It has simple controls on the back panel, enabling you to control the final output. In terms of frequency response, this monitor can read sounds from anywhere between 54Hz and 30kHz, a range-wide enough to cover almost all the musical sounds you can think of. It has XLR and TRS phone jack inputs that can accept both balanced and unbalanced sound signals to deliver reliable performance at all times, making it ideal for semi-professional use. 

PreSonus Eris E7 XT

Here is a studio monitor from PreSonus that has easy tuning controls at the back, which should result in you enjoying a comfortable user experience. You can control the LF Trim, HF Trim, Level, HPF and Acoustic space to adjust the contours of the final output the way you want. It is laced with a 6.5-inch woven composite low-frequency transducer and a 1.24-inch silk dome high-frequency transducer, a combination that should deliver a smooth and balanced sound output. As a result, it can be used for semi-professional use. Moreover, you can expect a powerful sound output as it can operate at 130W. 

Kali Audio IN-8 

Here is a studio monitor that uses three different drivers to focus on the lows, mids and highs of the sounds to deliver a balanced sound output. This also helps in reducing the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). As per company claims, this studio monitor has a THD of less than 1.4%, which makes it good enough to be used for semi-professional requirements. You should be able to mix your songs and musical creations on this monitor with ease. Moreover, you can transfer your creations made on this monitor to other systems as well without losing any quality. Finally, it has customised EQ settings that you can use to work with the ideal sound output in your studio without losing the neutral sonic reproduction. 

Boston Acoustics A 25 5.25" Woofer 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker

Boston Acoustics is popular for its incredible sound quality and that is what you get from the A25 model as well. You get top-notch sound output thanks to its two-way system that consists of a 5.25-inch subwoofer and 1-inch tweeter. With such crystal-clear sounds, you should have a great listening experience that is as immersive as it can get. This is something you can expect from the device due to the soft-fabric tweeter used in it. The ceramic/glass fibre finish of the sub-woofer should give that extra oomph when it comes to filling your room with deep bass.

JBL Professional 308PMKII

The JBL Professional 308PMKII is a high-end studio monitor with an array of features that make it good enough for semi-professional use. To start with, it had dual integrated custom Class-D amplifiers to deliver a powerful sound output of 112W that should fill your studio easily. It also supports JBL’s patented Image Control Waveguide to give you more freedom to control the nuances of the final sound output. As a result, you should be able to make subtle changes in the mix, even for the dense creation of music. This monitor has a slipstream low-frequency port, enabling you to use the monitor for live concerts to get that extra deep bass in your sound output. 

Behringer NEKKST K6

The Behringer NEKKST K6 is a premium studio monitor from Behringer with a good build quality that consists of two separate amplifiers and a 1-inch dome tweeter to deliver an ultra-linear sound output of 150W. Moreover, it has a high-density enclosure to ensure low diffraction and distortion in the final output. Another impressive feature of this monitor is that it can be adjusted as per the acoustic condition of your studio. As a result of all these high-end features, the Behringer NEKKST K6  should be ideal for semi-professional use at the very least.
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