PLAYGO DURA launched in India. Here are its top 5 features

By Kajoli Anand Puri | Published 06 Dec 2022 17:27 IST
  • The PLAYGO DURA has been officially launched in India

  • The earbuds offer fast charging capabilities, a long bay life, deep bass, and easy touch controls.

  • The PLAYGO DURA can be purchased on Flipkart, Amazon, and the brand’s website.

PLAYGO DURA launched in India. Here are its top 5 features
PLAYGO DURA launched in India. Here are its top 5 features

PLAY has announced the launch of its latest offering, the PLAYGO DURA, which is an affordable TWS available for purchase on Play’s official website as well as most e-commerce websites like Amazon  and Flipkart. The earbuds are feature-rich and available for just ₹1,499. 

PLAYGO DURA launched in India

Speaking about the product, the brand said "At PLAY, we have always focused on designing and delivering premium products at suitable budgetary price targets of our discerning consumers. We pride ourselves in understanding the ever-evolving needs of our consumers and accordingly design products to make their lives more convenient and hassle-free with a mix of fashion and the latest technology. The latest product, PLAYGO DURA is also crafted in line with this philosophy. We are extremely motivated to bring PLAYGO DURA to our consumers and feel that the product will surely strike chord with the consumer on account of its fashionable and handy design aided by the best-in-class device audio experience. We hope to receive an equally compelling user delight as has been experienced for our other portfolio. We will continue to launch more fashionably innovative products and strive to establish tech leadership in the AioT category."

PLAYGO DURA Top Features

Some of the top features offered by the PLAYGO DURA are as follows: 

1. Long battery life

The  PLAYGO DURA offers a total playtime of 30 hours, with 10 hours from the buds and the remaining charge from the case they are stored in. The brand claims that you can get up to 5 hours’ worth of battery life after charging it for just 10 minutes.

2. Environmental Noise Cancellation 

The  PLAYGO DURA is equipped with Environmental Noise Cancellation technology which can help users enjoy seamless phone calls even in a crowded setting. To facilitate the same, the earbuds are also equipped with HD microphones. 

3. Enhanced Bass Extra Loud drivers

The  PLAYGO DURA also comes with the brand’s proprietary Enhanced Bass Extra Loud (EBEL) drivers, which promise to deliver deep bass and crisp sound. 

4. Easy touch controls

The accessible touch controls that are built into the earbuds allow users to control the volume, start and stop the music and even call upon voice assistants like Google Assistant or Siri. 

5. In-ear design

Finally, the  PLAYGO DURA comes with an in-ear design that promises to reduce ear fatigue when listening to music or podcasts for a long time. 

The earbuds are available in black and white. You can buy them on Flipkart and Amazon, as well as the brand’s official website. 

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For more technology news, product reviews, sci-tech features and updates, keep reading or head to our Google News page.

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