Panasonic unveils 1-inch thick HDTV [CES '09]

By Team Digit | Updated 9 Jan 2009
Panasonic unveils 1-inch thick HDTV [CES '09]

Panasonic won the day with its unveiling of the Z1 Viera TV. This super thin set — thickness of a mere inch — is also a wireless TV. What this means is that the TV has no inputs. Instead it comes with a set-top box which has the requisite ports and connects with the Z1 Viera wirelessly, with no loss or degradation in quality. The box can then be placed anywhere in the room. And yes, it does all this in full HD 1080p glory.


The Z1 Viera is a super-thin, wireless HDTV capable of playing 1080p content

A set-top box comes with the requisite connection ports -- the TV itself wirelessly connects to this box. There are no ports on the Panasonic Z1 Viera


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