Condenser microphones under a budget

Condenser microphones under a budget

As countless people are discovering their love for streaming, recording podcasts and doing voice-overs, there has been a rise in the different microphones available in the market. But not everyone knows that condenser microphones not only make the entire process easier but also don’t compromise on the quality while doing so. So, read on to see which are some of the best and affordable condenser microphones available on Amazon! Note that these products have been curated based on their listed features.

Fifine K669B 

When it comes to sound recording, the Fifine K669B delivers good performance. This plug and play USB recording microphone comes with a 5.9ft USB cable so you can easily connect it to your PC or PlayStation. It has a stable tripod which helps you position it correctly while doing live streams or voice-overs. The microphone has a metal construction design, and its cardioid polar pattern should capture your voice clearly without static noise (as claimed by the makers). This makes it a boon for gamers and streamers who don’t want any audible background noises during streaming or recording. The volume controls let you adjust voice input, and it is USB-powered, so you don’t have to worry about external power supply! It is compatible with Windows, Vista, XP, 2000 and Mac OS X. Finally, it weighs only 400g.

AKG P120 

AKG is one of those brands that never fail to amaze with the quality of products, and AKG P120 is one such product. This unidirectional microphone from AKG has a frequency response range of 20Hz to 20KHz. With a sensitivity of 24 mv/pa, this microphone can record detailed sound without any problem. The AKG P120’s rugged all-metal body should make sure that it can handle little bumps and shocks every now and then. It has a 0.66-inch diaphragm, and a switchable attenuation pad for quality close up recording. With a weight of 0.5kg and 4 x 4 x 18cms measurements, it’s one of the smallest and lightest microphones you can get and that too at a pretty affordable price. Despite its modest price tag, this microphone isn’t lacking in features, therefore earning itself a place in this list.

Maono AU-A04 Condenser Microphone Kit

Maono has come out with the Maono AU-A04 condenser microphone which is a boon for most people out there. Be it the high-resolution sampling rate (192 kHz/24 bits), connectivity, or audio quality, the versatility of this condenser microphone should make it great for home recordings, podcasts and voiceovers. It has a 2.0 USB data port which lets you connect it to your PC, and it’s compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. You don’t need any extra driver or software to start recording with it. It’s double shielding USB cable and magnet ring should reduce interference. It is equipped with a pop filter and foam windscreen, for better voice clarity. The shock mount keeps the microphone in place for less disturbance. It performs well with a phone too, but you’ll have to invest in an OTG adapter to make it work. Last but not least, it has a professional sound chipset, microphone capsule with a 16mm diameter and weighs around 1.29kg.

Shure PGA81-LC Cardioid Condenser Instrument Microphone

If you’re looking for a lightweight condenser microphone without spending truckloads of money, then you should check this one out. The Shure PGA81-C is a compact unidirectional microphone with professional-level recording capabilities. It has a frequency response range of 40Hz to 18KHz and has a cardioid polar pattern to record rich audio. This microphone by Shure has an impedance of 600 Ohms and a sensitivity of 48.5 dB/Pa, making it one of the best ones in its price range. You can use it to record your music and even record random audio clips on the go. The all-metal matte black finish gives it a professional look that can take a little beating while carrying it around, according to the brand. It measures 8.89 x 25.4 x 12.7cm and weighs just 318g. Its lightweight, compact and rugged build make it a good choice for people who record audio on the go.

Afrah Khan