Bluetooth Speakers That Make Bass Sound Good

Bluetooth Speakers That Make Bass Sound Good

Every audiophile has a sound signature that they identify with. Some like their sounds warm while others may like it bright. If you identify with the former, it means your music preferences lean towards the bass frequencies. And if you feel that is true, then it will only be natural that you are constantly on the lookout for a heavy bass juggernaut that can satiate your needs. Here is a list of bass-heavy Bluetooth speakers that we have collated for just that reason. 

Marshall Kilburn II 

From the world of guitar amps and pedals, Marshall has now made their way into the world of lifestyle products with headphones and speakers. While the design on the first-gen speakers of Marshall paid homage to their amps, the Kilburn II is all about their microphones. The front of the speaker features a woven metal grille with the logo in a striking white. The powerful speaker creates enough boom to fill up a big room. While most Marshall products shine at their best while playing rock ballads, the booming bass and balanced sound on the Kilburn II makes almost every genre sound amazing. 

JBL PartyBox 300 

When you think of Bluetooth speakers, you might picture the tinier rectangular boxes that can fit on your table. JBL’s PartyBox 300 was created to challenge that thought. Beyond just being a very large and rather loudspeaker with earth-shattering bass, it also doubles up as a karaoke box. One thing is for sure, the PartyBox is an apt name since this speaker was truly created to make your parties better. Add to this the fact that you can link two PartyBox 300s and create a stereo set if you have a larger venue or maybe an outdoor one where you really want people to feel the music. 

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 

Several Bluetooth speakers in the price range of the UE Megaboom 3 provide for good sound, but this product wins because of its portability. This cylindrical shaped beauty is easy to carry around and its size does not compromise its performance.  The Megaboom 3 adds a ‘Magic Button’ to the top, something that was missing in previous models. The magic button lets you launch one-touch playlists from Deezer or Apple Music. While this unit can get really loud, it also manages to ooze some seriously good sound quality. Add to this the boosted bass and you have a winner.

JBL Xtreme 2 

The JBL Xtreme is heavy, bulky, rather large and built like a tank. One look at it and you know that it means business. The tough fabric covering this bad boy is how it gets its IPX7 waterproof rating. Like most other JBL speakers, the Xtreme 2 comes with dual passive radiators on either end, which means you already expect the bass to be thumping. The bottom comes with an in-built stand so that you can place the unit down without worrying about it rolling away. Once fully charged, the Xtreme 2 can provide continuous playback of up to 20 hours, making it a good choice for long days outdoors.
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