Best entry-level 2.1 channel speakers

Best entry-level 2.1 channel speakers

Have you been thinking of upgrading the audio setup of your living room or computer room by incorporating without spending a lot? Well, you can do that by buying entry-level 2.1 channel speakers. This is because the subwoofer and the pair of speakers (when connected to your TV, music player, PC or any other device that you want) will deliver an improved listening experience. To help you pick the best 2.1 channel speakers available on Amazon, we’ve compiled a list of four such speakers.

Logitech Z625 Powerful THX PC Speaker

This entry-level 2.1 channel speaker system has a THX certification, which is an indicator that you can expect good performance. It should deliver an accurate sound output that can enhance your listening experience while gaming, watching a movie or just listening to music. It has a total power outage of 400W and an RMS power outage of 200W, which should give you a good overall performance. It comes with three different connectivity options – optical, 3.5mm jack and an RCA audio input. This allows you to connect multiple devices, like the TV, PlayStation, computer, smartphone, music players and so on, simultaneously. The right satellite speaker has the controls for volume, bass and power. With both the subwoofer and the set of speakers having a compact design, you won’t need much space to place the system.

Sony SA-D20 C E12

If you are looking for a budget-friendly entry-level 2.1 channel speaker system, then the Sony SA-D20 C E12 should interest you. It has a USB port that you can use to connect a compatible memory storage device and listen to your personal collection of songs. You can expect good bass sounds from the subwoofer as it delivers a sound output of 60W. It has a wireless Bluetooth connectivity option as well, allowing you to connect your smartphone to it and play different media files with ease. The speaker system is compatible with a range of devices such as TVs, music players, PCs and so on.

Philips MMS8085B/94 2.1 Channel Convertible Multimedia Speaker System

How about having a pair of speakers that can work as a soundbar as well? Philips has made this possible through this entry-level 2.1 channel speaker system. With an 80W sound output, you should be able to get a good listening experience. The speaker system has a tall subwoofer and two slim speakers that you can connect to each other to form a soundbar. This intelligent design system gives you the option to place the speakers any way you want so that they suit the aesthetics of your room and your audio needs. You can connect the system to your TV, music player or PC. It has an additional USB port as well so that you can connect a pen drive or hard disk to listen to songs from your collection.

Creative SBS-E2800

Here is an entry-level speaker system from Creative that delivers a sound output of 50W. The subwoofer should produce high-quality bass output thanks to its wooden finish, which should impact the reverb. It has a dual input connectivity option so that you can directly connect your TV or DVD music player. One unique feature of this system is its FM Receiver that can store your selected channels to give you quick access to them. With a wireless remote control system, you can easily control the volume, change tracks, adjust the settings of the equaliser and do much more without getting up from your chair.
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